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Korein Tillery Celebrating Give STL Day with Corporate Giving to Meds & Food for Kids

At Korein Tillery, corporate giving is a fundamental component of our core values. Since our founding, we have strived to affect our local and international communities as responsible citizens of the world. It is with that in mind that we are proud to announce our involvement with Meds & Food for Kids (MFK), a non-profit organization dedicated to ending hunger and re-building the economic infrastructure in Haiti. On May 5, Korein Tillery will be donating to Meds & Food for Kids in recognition of Give STL Day 2015.

Since its inception in 2003, Meds & Food for Kids has been providing proven life-saving foods to the children of Haiti in the form of Ready-to-Use Therapeutic Food product or RUTF, a peanut butter-like paste that provides essential vitamins and minerals to starving children. Dr. Patricia Wolff, Founder and Executive Director of Meds & Food for Kids and Professor of Clinical Pediatrics at Washington University’s School of Medicine, has been traveling to the Western Hemisphere’s poorest nation for decades. In 2003, MFK began distributing RUTF, better known in the local region as “Medika Mamba,” a Haitian Creole term meaning “peanut butter medicine.” Not only does MFK tackle the hunger problem of the nation, it also creates jobs in Haiti—which has a nearly 80% unemployment rate—by producing Medika Mamba locally. Committed to improving the outdated agricultural techniques throughout the region, MFK also provides education to local residents on modern approaches to farming.

Non-profits like MFK can only do as well as their donors allow. Corporate giving is an essential component of the basic financials they require to successfully continue their progressive humanitarian work. We look forward to this year’s Give STL Day event and are proud to be supporting this local nonprofit and the work it does for the children of Haiti.