Firm Overview

Korein Tillery—based in St. Louis and Chicago—is one of the country’s leading plaintiffs’ complex-litigation firms, representing a broad array of clients in high-stakes lawsuits. We bridge the historical divide between the resources, quality-of-representation, and national coverage offered by large, full-service law firms and the creativity, agility, and financial flexibility offered by boutique litigation practices. By providing world-class legal representation within a business environment more reminiscent of a Silicon Valley startup than a traditional law firm, Korein Tillery offers clients a superior, cost-effective way to manage substantial litigation risk.

For decades, Korein Tillery has successfully guided its clients through protracted, multi-faceted litigation against some of the most powerful and well-funded adversaries in the world. Our firm consistently prevails in legal wars of attrition not only because we have the resources to prosecute claims as vigorously as they are defended, but also because we have the experience, mettle, and motivation to go the distance every time. We’re no strangers to decade-long cases, multi-million-document productions, endless discovery battles, and repeated trips to the appellate courts. And our results speak for themselves: we’ve obtained billions of dollars in settlements and verdicts for our clients over the past decade—all without submitting an “hourly” bill.

In recognition of our distinguished track-record of significant victories, the National Law Journal has named Korein Tillery as one of the country’s top plaintiffs’ firms seven of the past ten years.