Our Litigation Resources

Document Discovery

As a veteran of numerous decade-long, multi-billion-dollar legal battles, Korein Tillery is well-versed in managing massive discovery undertakings, including e-discovery. We’ve invested heavily in top-of-the-line hardware and software systems that can handle incoming and outgoing document productions of virtually any size with little, if any, need to outsource. We’re adept at efficiently and effectively reviewing our adversaries’ documents—routinely churning through multi-million-page productions—and we always use licensed attorneys to carry out our reviews. Korein Tillery also employs a number of sophisticated litigation-support personnel who work closely with our clients to streamline defensive discovery efforts and minimize the cost and business disruption associated with preserving and collecting documents.


Korein Tillery is second-to-none when it comes to the critical task of taking and defending depositions. Our attorneys have thousands of depositions under their belts and we have both deposed and defended prominent witnesses such as Fortune 500 CEOs, the world’s leading scientists, and well-known governmental officials. Given the complexity of our cases, we’re routinely faced with the need to simultaneously take and defend dozens of depositions throughout the country. We not only have the financial resources and manpower to handle and coordinate these multi-faceted deposition undertakings, but we’ve also developed highly effective systems for creating order out of chaos and corralling critical evidence without losing focus on central trial themes.


Korein Tillery’s cases are typically heavily expert-focused. Over the past two decades, we have established relationships with some of the world’s leading researchers, academics, and business people. Indeed, many of the individuals who work with us had previously refused to act as consultants or testifying experts in other litigation matters. As a consequence, Korein Tillery’s clients reap the benefit of our unique access to a network of consultants and experts not available to most other law firms.